Virtual Certified Paralegals

Alliance Virtual Solutions has been successfully offering virtual, freelance paralegal services to firms and companies of all sizes since 2013. All of Alliance Virtual Solutions’ certified paralegals are U.S. based, have English as a first language or an expert level grasp of written and spoken English if it was not their first language, and are professional, paralegals who can finish any and all tasks required with little supervision so you can concentrate on what matters most, finalizing substantive legal and billable work, running your business,  and focusing on your clients, all without having to focus on the administrative tasks.

There are many benefits of working with a freelance, virtual paralegal including saving on overhead and employment costs, just to name a few.  The legal industry has been revolutionized by technology.  The majority of legal documents can be filed electronically, there are many contracts and documents that now allow for electronic signatures, most law firms today are moving towards becoming paperless, and the majority of communication inter-office and externally to clients, opposing counsel, judges, government authorities, etc. is via phone and e-mail; the effects of technology in the legal field have been outstanding.

Often the need for a full or part-time employee can be satisfied by a knowledgeable paralegal and document preparer that is literally, “on-demand” without the need to have additional space for an employee, and the costs that come with hiring and training another employee.  Our services offer flat, hourly, and monthly services rates or specialized packages to meet your company’s needs. Consider us your in-house team for all your business requirements!

Alliance Virtual Solutions is not an attorney firm, and the members are non-attorneys. Nothing provided herein is to be constituted as legal advice and Alliance Virtual Solutions does not provide legal advice in any matter. An attorney should always be contacted for legal questions of any kind.

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