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Alliance Virtual Solutions' (AVS) clients enjoy advanced paralegal knowledge and experience, advanced document preparation specialists, and professional executive assistant services. With AVS, you can trust on a dependable and detail-oriented paralegal to assist your firm in a variety of legal tasks, while helping you meet your deadlines when you just need a little bit (or a lot) of extra help. Our document specialists can assist you with filling out complex Supreme Court Approved forms, such as simple divorce forms, tax forms, social security benefit assistance, etc. Need someone to help you stay organized? Our virtual executive assistants will help you stay on top of your game with emails, scheduling, client contact, and more. Let AVS help improve productivity, minimize turnover and re-hiring hassles, training, and other labor costs, allowing your business to conduct operations more efficiently and profitably.
Virtual Model

Virtual Model®

Alliance Virtual Solutions is the founder of the original system of seamless legal services integration and the creator of the trademarked term, the Virtual Model®. The Virtual Model® system is literally the strategic and most effective way to run a business or a firm utilizing freelance, virtual contractors, including paralegals. The Virtual Model® system was created and designed to support and grow your business while providing all the beneficial aspects of a full or part-time employee without the overhead and employment costs that come with that full or part-time employee.

These benefits are enjoyed by all of Alliance Virtual Solutions' clients through our firm commitment to the perfection of the Virtual Model® system. We are experts in maintaining the flawless and seamless operation of your business at a very high level, offering the benefits of virtual functions. We literally build your company an on-demand, the U.S. based, professional team with low overhead and impeccable, resource-based managerial framework which allows each of our clients to achieve a consistent and sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look forward to speaking with you about how the Virtual Model® system can work for your business.


Our clients have the option of flat fee-based work, depositing a set amount of hours into your retainer account for your team member to bill against or setting up a customized package that works for what your business needs.


Enjoy our pay as you go, model. Whether you need assistance 5 hours a month or 40 hours a week, our team is on demand for your company’s needs.


Allowing you the flexibility and ease of mobility, our team members are available and can handle your projects with limited management to allow you to focus on your business.


We hold strict confidentiality agreements for each of our team members. Our team has worked in law firms and corporate America and is trained in a law firm and business policies and protocol.


We pride ourselves on our transparency and ensuring clients know exactly what they are paying for.


Collaborate with the same experienced team member as an extension of your company. Allow them to represent your business by connecting with clients, counsel, and other agencies on your behalf.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you are ready to take advantage of the Virtual Model® contact us now and we will get back to you right away to discuss your needs.

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